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One of the most important things for staying healthy and independent throughout the later years in life is to have good muscular condition. Yet many over 50s begin to reduce their time spent on physical activity and strength training as they grow older.


Our Active + program plans to change this - by introducing a workout plan specifically tailored to over 50s. It’s a casual workout, with zero resistance, and significant results, helping to keep the young at heart in Cork City healthy for years to come.

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Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Stay fit and meet great people with our Active + membership, ideal for senior citizens. Our Active + trainers take you through low impact sessions to help stay strong, but in a relaxed atmosphere.

€60 per month

Access to Active+ training room

Unlimited use of 'HUR' Equipment

Active+ Trainer support during every visit

Tailored program

+353 87 132 6600

Our Active + program is a gentle, relaxed way to stay fit, and you'll be monitored by our elite trainers who have years of experience in the fitness industry.

Active + membership gives you:

- Access to Active + training room

- Health and nutrition advice

- Personalised program to help you stay healthy

What’s Active +?

Active + uses specialty equipment to run tailored workout programs. This is the only facility of its kind in Ireland, and uses equipment specially developed by Finnish company ‘HUR’ to offer exercise solutions for preventive, rehabilitative and maintaining training.


What’s involved in the program?

Membership begins with a full assessment from the Elite Team, so that a program can be specifically written for you, based on your fitness levels, as well as any injury and problem areas.

Using the program members can then visit as many times as they’d like during Active + hours and complete their workout, in a causal and friendly environment - with an instructor present the entire time.

The full body workouts are all zero resistance, to ensure injuries do not flare up as you build your strength, run for 20-30 minutes each time, and are always held in a fun and social environment.


Who would benefit?

Ideal for over 50s, our Active + membership gives you a personalised, gentle and monitored way to stay fit and strong, and have fun along the way. These programs are best for those looking for a route back into fitness training that acknowledges the pains and strains suffered by the body during ageing. They are an excellent idea for a group activity, or for those looking to socialise during their workout.


The zero resistance machines also make Active + a solution for rehabilitation, bridging the gap from injury to the general gym equipment.


When are Active + sessions held?

The facility is open from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm weekdays. There is an instructor present at all times during facility open hours.

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